Twigger in the footsteps of Almasy

Count Laszlo Almasy was a remarkable character who wrote a number of books about his experiences, and about whom a number of books have been written (of which my favourite is the one by John Bierman).  Almasy has inspired a lot of people in different ways.  Having formed one of the pre WWII Zerzura club adventurers before fighting opposite his former friends during the war, he finished his life as the head of the Desert Institute in Cairo, a worthy position for a man who truly understood the desert.  He is best known as t

In this article on The Independent  entitled “In the footsteps of Count Laszlo”, Robert Twigger, a very different kind of explorer, has described his own search for the world that Almasy once knew so well.  Twigger focuses on the peculiarities of desert travel, the attractions of the desert scenery and talks about the rock art.  He describes the discovery of the remarkable Mestekawi-Foggini cave with its vast canvas of glorious paintings, and touches on the prehistoric occupation of this now arid land.  Sadly he makes little mention of the encounter between the recent past and the distant past, a time when the Libyan borders of the Western Desert were explored, mapped and obsessed over by Almaszy, Bagnold, Clayton and their colleagues.


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