Rock art discoveries in Dakhleh Oasis

There is a report on the website (in Spanish) that describes ho investigtations in Dakhleh Oasis have discovered a set of prehistoric images in the rocks in the Al Akhbar style. The scenes apparently show women in long skirts and men holding staffs/poles which are guiding a group of giraffes. What is more, the scientists found the remains of a shark. It is belived that in the Dakhleh oasis, 400km to the west of Luxor, there was a vast lake. The images found from the Neolithic indicate that elephant, buffalo and ostrichs may have lived around the lake.

This is by no means that first discovery of rock art in Dakhleh.  Kharga, Dakhleh and Farafra oases are all well endowed with rock art.  Research in Bahariya is in its early stages at the moment but I haven’t heard of any discoveries coming from there to date.


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