An oasis of art in the Egyptian Desert

This article on the University of Illinois website describes how Douglas Brewer visited the Egyptian Desert and found not 100s but 1000s of rock art sites.  In fact, Winkler in the 1800s had already done the research by camel that confirmed that fact – and if he hadn’t then the Mike and Maggie Morrow’s Desert RATS (Rock Art Topographical Survey) and David Rohl’s ISIS certainly did.  The presence of boat engravings has been known since Winkler’s days and probably before but these are raised in this article as if the puzzle of boats in the desert is something new.

Brewer was struck by the similarity between the rock art of the Eastern Desert and images which appear in the Nile on pottery and in tombs and in this piece he questions whether there were two separate groups operating in the two environments or whether there were closer ties.

On a complete aside, there’s a lovely story about the excavation of an annoying “speed bump” at the end of the article.


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