Sahara Journal volume 20

Sahara Journal

Volume 20 (published in June 2009) has some papers about Egyptian archaeology, as follows, but see the above page for the full Table of Contents.


Rudolph Kuper: A Paradise off Rules?

Azhari Mustafa Sadig: Preliminary Observation on the Neolithic Settlement Patterns in Central Sudan (abstract)

Heiko Riemer: A potsherd from northwest of Abu Minqar and the dispersal of Sheikh Muftah pottery in the Western Desert of Egypt (abstract)

Maria Carmela Gatto, Morgan De Dapper, Merel Eyckerman, Rainer Gerisch, Hannah Joris, Claire Newton and Stan Hendrickx: Landscape reconstruction of the Predynastic site at Nag el-Qarmila (Upper Egypt)


Jean Daniel Degreef: The Jebel Uweinat relief of Mentuhotep II: a jubilee scene?

Julien d’Huy: New evidence for a closeness between the Abu Râ’s shelter (Eastern Sahara) and Egyptian beliefs

Giancarlo Negro: Segnalazione di nuovi siti d’arte rupestre nel Great Sand Sea egiziano – Seconda parte

Lorenzo De Cola, Maria Emilia Peroschi e Flavio Cambieri: Osservazioni su un dipinto in ocra rossa nel Deserto Occidentale egiziano

Marta Guzzafame, Francesco Marino and Nicola Pugno: The Libyan Desert Silica Glass as a product of meteoritic impact: A new chemical-mechanical characterization

Documents of rock art

Stan Hendrickx and Maria Carmela Gatto
A Rediscovered Late Predynastic-Early Dynastic royal scene from Gharb Aswan (Upper Egypt)

Maarten van Hoek
Egyptian temple petroglyphs

Mark Borda
Survey of an unnamed plain in Egypt’s Western Desert

Prehistoric documents

Friedrich Berger
An area with aligned stones in the Western Desert of Egypt


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