Mosaic of the Mestekawi-Foggini Cave

Giancarlo Negro recently sent a link to a mosaic of the rock art in the Mestekawi-Foggini cave in the western Gilf Kebir on the Zerzura Club website.  To get the best out of these images you need to click on them and give them time to load.   You can then click again to zoom in on specific parts of the cave paintings.  The site is entirely in Italian.

The Zerzura Club has been set up to follow in the footsteps of explorers who between the First and Second World Wars were stationed in Egypt and set about finding the fabled city of Zerzura, which was supposed to be out in the Western Desert and was said to be filled with beauties and riches to which a visitor could help themself should they be lucky enough to find it.  The best known members of the Club Zerzura, which was born in Wadi Halfa, were Ralph Bagnold, Patrick Clayton and Laszlo Almasy.


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