New Book: Bi’r Minayh

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Ulrich Luft ed.
BI’R MINAYH, Report on the Survey 1998–2004
ISBN 978-963- 9911-11-6

It is the first time that one particular site in the Eastern Desert has been published to the full extent. This approach, that requires high skills and an affinity for details, has been opted for with the purpose to avoid that possible correlations went unrecognized, as it might happen in publications divided into a range of separate studies, each focusing on one specific subject exclusively. By applying the method of full archaeological reports, this present volume was aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the complex archaeology of the Egyptian Eastern Desert. The joint expedition of the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was a fieldwork project of interdisciplinary character, thus the multiplicity of approaches necessitated the restating of the expedition’s main objectives and prevented the authors from putting forward unfounded and highbrow ideas.

Preface by ULRICH LUFT; 1. Introduction by ULRICH LUFT;
2. Geology of Bi’r Minayh region by BÉLA KLEB and ÁKOS TÖRÖK;
3. Surveying and mapping at Bi’r Minayh by LÁSZLÓ SZŰCS and ÁKOS GREGORI;
4. Prehistoric finds;
4.1. Introduction by TIBOR MARTON and JÓZSEF DANYI;
4.2. Catalogue by TIBOR MARTON and JÓZSEF DANYI;
5. Petroglyphs;
5.1. Introduction by ULRICH LUFT;
6. Inscriptions;
6.1. Introduction by ULRICH LUFT; Catalogue by ADRIENN ALMÁSY and ENIKŐ KISS;
6.3. Greek dockets by ADRIENN ALMÁSY;
7. Architectural remains;
7.1. Introduction by ZSOLT VASÁROS;
7.2. Catalogue of the buildings by ZSOLT VASÁROS;
7.3. Test excavation at the site by GÁBOR LASSÁNYI;
7.4. Cemetery;
7.4.1. The cemetery architectural report by ZSOLT VASÁROS;
7.4.2. Burials by GÁBOR LASSÁNYI;
8. Small finds;
8.1. Pottery by GÁBOR LASSÁNYI;
8.2. Catalogue by GÁBOR LASSÁNYI;
8.3. Beads by BORI NÉMETH;
8.4. Various small finds by GÁBOR LASSÁNYI;
Indices; Corpus of tribal marks by ADRIENN ALMÁSY;
Index of petroglyphs by ADRIENN ALMÁSY;
Index of inscriptions by ENIKŐ KISS;
Reference works; Contributors; Colour Plates; Maps in folder; Archaeological site map, del. LÁSZLÓ SZŰCS and ÁKOS GREGORI; Architectural site map, del. ZSOLT VASÁROS;
Panorama of Field E, del. ZSOLT VASÁROS; Panorama of Field R, del. ZSOLT VASÁROS

Language: English, 2010., 340 pp. with illustrations, ISBN 978-963- 9911-11-6
Price € 116

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