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New Book: Gilf Kebir National Park

March 29, 2010

American University in Cairo Press

The first and only guidebook to the Gilf and Uweinat.

Gilf Kebir National Park
Egypt Pocket Guide
Alberto Siliotti
Feb 2010

In the far southwestern corner of Egypt lies one of the most fascinating and least known regions of the Sahara Desert, declared a National Park by the Egyptian government in 2007 for its great archaeological and natural-historical heritage. The Gilf Kebir, a broad massif twice the size of Corsica, and Gebel Uweinat, a 2,000-meter inselberg, were discovered only in the 1920s, and explored in the decades following, but today an increasing number of visitors are able to reach this unique area on long desert expeditions and experience for themselves the special geology and ecology of the place and the extraordinary rock paintings from Neolithic times. Now, in lucid text and colorful photographs, drawings, maps, and satellite images, Alberto Siliotti guides the intrepid visitor to the features of the National park, with notes on what to take on such a long desert trip and what not to leave behind.

Alberto Siliotti is a scientific journalist who specializes in Egyptology. He has written several books including The Discovery of Ancient Egypt (AUC Press, 1998), The Illustrated Guide to the Pyramids of Egypt (AUC Press, 2003), and the popular series of Egypt Pocket Guides.


Updated publication: Rock Art of the Libyan Desert

February 27, 2010
FJ Expeditions
Andras Zboray

The Second Expanded Edition of the DVD “Rock Art of the Libyan Desert” is now available. The new edition contains over nearly 300 new rock art sites, all new discoveries in the 2005-2009 period, with approximately 12000 photos (about 4000 newly added ones).

The Second Edition had been substantially expanded with the discoveries made by the author, Andras Zboray, and others in the period 2005 to 2009. several new sites were added, and many sites have been updated with new photographs. Some of the new finds added considerably to our knowledge of the various styles and cultures, requiring some reworking of the corresponding sections.

New Book: Rock Art of the Eastern Desert of Egypt

January 13, 2010

BAR International Series, Archaeopress

I am delighted to report that Tony Judd’s book “Rock Art of the Eastern Desert of Egypt” has been released by BAR. Based on work completed for PhD this is a comprehensive overview of the Eastern Desert’s engravings. Please note that the summary from the Archaeopress website seems to confuse this book with one focused on North America (I have informed Tony of the confusion). Instead, here’s a short extract from the Abstract from the book itself:

Data that have recently become available on the petroglyhs of the Eastern Desert of Egypt are collated and analysed in detail. Images of wild animals, domestic animals, anthropoids and boats, together with geometric pattersns, are classified and assessed by statistical means to rech conclusions about the preferences of the artsits in terms of subject matter, style, context and geographical distribution.

New Book: The Red Land (Eastern Desert)

December 26, 2008

A new book about the Eastern Desert.

The Red Land. The Illustrated Archaeology of Egypt’s Eastern Desert
Steven E. Sidebotham, Martin Hense, Hendrikje M. Nouwens
448 pp. Hardbound
6.75″ x 9.5″
The American University in Cairo Press, 2008
ISBN 978 977 416 094 3

New book: Hibis Temple Project (Kharga oasis)

September 1, 2008

Thanks very much to Eugene Cruz-Uribe for letting me know of his recent publication Hibis Temple Project Vol III, The Graffiti from the Temple Precinct (San Antonio: Van Sicklen, 2008), which deals with the various pictoral and figurative graffiti found in the temple. He says that he includes a substantive chapter on the nature of graffiti in ancient Egypt arguing that rock art and textual graffiti should not be studied separately but together (Chapter 2 of the book).
In 2006 Cruz-Uribe awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and research at Egypt’s South Valley University for the 2006-07 academic year, where he was able to explore Egyptian graffiti.

More of Eugene Cruz-Uribes writing on graffiti can be found on the UCL Encyclopedia on the Graffiti (figural) page (Full citation: Cruz-Uribe, Eugene 2008, Graffiti (Figural). In Willeke Wendrich (ed.), UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, Los Angeles.